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Diving in Gibraltar

Dives include tank weihts. and diving guide

Do not forget that in Spain and Gibraltar it is mandatory to dive with daily diving insurance and you must have the document that accredits you in your power to present it in our dive center at the same time as your degree as a diver or the diving courses you have .

In  two regular dives in Gibraltar you can get to visit a total of 5 large sunken ships. The first dive they usually visit the 482 and Batty’s barge. Two large wrecks full of life and with innumerable hiding places. Maximum depth of 17m. The second dive “3 barges” are visited. There are 3 large ships that were dedicated to the cargo and that are sunk very close to the coast and between them, reaching a maximum depth of 14m.

At other times visits to dive at The Norwegian are organized

Diving trips to Gibraltar will be organized for minimum groups of 3 people and whenever the management sees fit to meet the needs of the diving center if it is not possible to dive locally due to weather conditions