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Diving Estepona

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Our dive sites

Estepona is located in an optimal enclave for marine life. Therefore, for the dive sites in the area. A few kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar, the only natural water inlet to the Mediterranean, we enjoy the opportunities that this gives:

  • Water rich in plankton. We already know that where there is plankton there is a lot of life.
  • Passage of marine species off the coast of Estepona. Dolphins are very common to see, in addition to moonfish, whales or a large range of nudibranchs.
  • Mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic species.
  • And temperatures of the two slopes facilitating the development of protected species.

In addition, Estepona has the only Posidonia oceanica area in Malaga. A luxury for our coastline and our dive sites !!

Here is an example of our dive sites. We have many more.

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Diving at 18-20m. deep in an ecological and sustainable marine farm where different types of scallops and two types of oysters are grown. The flat or European oyster and the curly oyster. Crops are suspended in baskets of different types at the bottom.
The farm has been operating for 15 years and in this time a large amount of marine fauna and flora has accumulated. You will see many species of fish and marine organisms in their natural habitat where they live both on the bottom and in the water column. Most fish are unafraid of divers and come closer to browse. They will also find some curious structures in this unique and exclusive underwater trip.

Local Diving and surroundings

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Arrecife de La Perla (La perla Reef)

This is a rock reef that has 3 different dives. 6, 10 and 18m. The shallower is made from the coast and is ideal for the dives of the courses, since next to the reef lies a sand bed where the exercises are performed. The second area is composed of rock corridors where you can get closer and live the sensation of flying with hundreds of sparrows, salemas and breasts that will welcome you and zone 3, the deepest, is full of gorgonians and large rocks that hide a Lots of life In the three areas you can find octopus, conger eels, moray eels, gorgonians and nudibranchs.

Las Lajas (The slabs)

LasLajas are 3 steps formed by submerged tectonic plates and in some parts they form a half tube. In the second slab about 10 / 12m. deep there is an area where a score of congers live, which some of them, live accompanied by moray eels. Crabs, anemones, gorgonians and even some lobster reside there.




El Arco – The Arch

This is a rock reef discovered in 2018. It reaches from 14 m depth to 10 m and the impressive thing about this site is the rock structure. The rock formations of this site leave corridors and steps of several meters of unevenness and in some cases hollows by where to cross them. that is why we have baptized this place with “El Arco” because of a gap that exists in a wall and that we can cross easily.




Yate de las Ánforas (Amphoras yacht) – Wreck diving

This is a yacht that was sunk because of a fire on board in 2008. It rests at a depth of 24 / 26m on a sandy bottom but what is really impressive about this wreck is the large number of grouped congers that can be seen. In a single dive you will be able to find more than 20 conger eels together, no less than 4 meters long in less than 20 minutes, since diving is a limited dive time. This dive is dedicated to advanced divers and those who like to see great living creatures



S.P.M. Nortomra – Wreck diving

The NORTOMRA, also known and misnamed S.P.M. It is a wreck that rests on the keel at 30m depth in the waters of Estepona. Sunk on January 8, 2011. It is still a place where little by little life has been filling it. Those who have visited this sunken ship, have coincided in what has most attracted their attention, the majesty and its cabins. It is surprising because it is a steel boat in which penetration can be done and the most daring will be able to cross it completely leaving the hatch of the bow always pampering the security measures and carrying a guide reel. Know more …



El Galeón Lys (The Lys Galleon) – Wreck diving

This is a wreck of easy diving since it is at a depth of 6m. Ideal for diving courses and baptisms. History tells that it is a French Galleon that was burned and sunk by the French themselves. In this way they avoided being captured by the English who protected Gibraltar. This galleon equipped with cannons also carried buckles and buttons for the uniforms of the French soldiers and the days after the storm you can still find these bronze remains.



El Placer de las Bóvedas (The Pleasure of the Vaults)

The pleasure of the vaults is a submerged mountain surrounded by 120m depths. which has a plateau on its top with 3 less deep points, 17, 19 and 21m. Going down from these points you can reach 40m. easily. This diving area is 5 miles from the coast in front of San Pedro Alcántara. The great distance with the coast, makes it a place of passage of a lot of marine life. We can find large groupers, moray eels, false coral, gorgonians … When the waters are good you can reach 30 meters of visibility but you have to be careful because if you do not prepare well the immersion looking at the tide tables we can find currents strong and that is why a minimum of experience is required. (For minimum groups of 4 people and as long as conditions permit)


Las Gorgónias (The Gorgonians)

This area is for any level. Named for the amount of gorgonians that can be seen in a single dive in this dive site. If you are attentive you can find octopus, conger eels, moray eels, fish of all Mediterranean species and nudibranchs of magnificent colors.




Dive in Gibraltar – 2 dives (Minimum group of 4 pax)

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Gibraltar has always been a place for sightseeing on its streets or in its waters. Recently a law has prohibited diving centers from going to dive to Gibraltar. Only a few are privileged to continue diving there. There are several types of diving and all of them gathered on a single beach. From the beach, you can visit a dozen ships sunk to different depths. If you are Open Water Diver we recommend you to do the two most usual dives there. In the first you will visit the wreck 482 and Batty’s. Maximum depth of 17m. In the second you can visit the 3 famous cargo barges, with a maximum depth of 12m. There are also deeper dives and other wrecks for advanced divers. (For minimum groups of 2 people and whenever conditions permit). Know more …