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Diving in the SPM Nortomra – A wreck in 30m deep

SPM Nortomra

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The wreck

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The SPM Nortomra is the king of the wrecks in Estepona. Its majesty, its position and its place of rest make diving one of the favorites of the Estepona divers.

This wreck is about 20m long. It was a boat dedicated to fishing in the past and sank on January 8, 2011. Because it is built in steel, its condition is excellent. Today he remains resting on his keel, 30m deep, on a bed of sand. Their handrails, hatches and bridge are well appreciated. The most daring can make penetration and cross it from stern to bow, entering through the bridge and leaving through the ventilation hatch of the main cabin located in the bow.

Until recently, some paintings could be found decorating it inside. Now, inside the wreck, everything is covered by the natural sediments of such a wreck. That is why it is recommended to use a guide reel for those who penetrate.

The sea live

Thanks to the fact that there is only sand near this wreck, the marine life of the area is concentrated there. Lobsters, spider crabs, conger eels and hundreds of fish can be found outdoors. The marine life that has covered the ship’s steel is made up of sponges, anemones and some seaweed, where we can also find nudibranchs. Once inside you are almost sure to see other congeries and large three-tailed banks.

The dive

Curso PADI Scuba Diver - Buceador con asistencia Estepona

Leaving from our dive center on our boat, we will not take more than 10 minutes to arrive. While we prepare, we will launch an anchor with a buoy and a guide line. We do not throw this anchor just above so as not to damage it. Once in the background, we search for the wreck with our reel. The background time is limited since the depth is high. For those who usually spend a lot of air, it is recommended to use 15 liters. The others will use 12 liters. 5 or 6 minutes before entering DECO, the ascent will be started by throwing a deco buoy so that the boat can see where we are going to go. As always we will make our safety stop and we will finish the ascent.

Requirements to dive in the SPM Nortomra

This wreck is made in deep water, which is why the minimum certification is to be Advanced Diver PADI, 2 * Fedas, 2 * Cemas or any equivalent. (Since Junior Advanced Diver only allows to lower up to 21m deep, this degree will not be admitted)

To penetrate the wreck it is necessary to prove diving in sunken ships (wrecks)

Minimum age: 15 years old


If you want to book your dive in this wreck, we recommend that you contact us to see availability and then confirm the reservation here.

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