Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Diving Estepona

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Let’s help the seabed

The seabed needs us


Together we can

Unfortunately, the seabed is slowly becoming a garbage dump. We are many divers and dive centers that try to make students aware of our diving courses and certified divers that visit our diving areas, that we have to do something for the seabed.

After some campaign that we have seen that every person that goes to the beach picks 3 plastics, we propose to you, as a diver, that when you see some trash or something that should not be in the background, you pick it up. It costs nothing to put a plastic bag, a can of drink or anything in the bottom of your waistcoat pocket. If we become aware, together we will improve our seabed and return the state they deserve to be. The funds give us experiences and experiences, give us moments and sensations, we return the favor by collecting from the bottom what does not have to be there.

We are millions of divers, if each one collects a single object, it will be the millions of rubbish taken from the bottom.

In this post of “El Pais newspaper“, they already talk about our Mediterranean sea being the dirtiest sea on the planet. Let’s change that


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