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Diving Estepona

If you want to dive, this is your place …

Diving specialty courses PADI – Costa del Sol

PADI diving specialty courses in Estepona.

PADI diving specialty courses to be an expert.

Try our PADI specialty courses to reach a high level and stand out from your diving partners. The specialties of diving allow you to acquire a great experience in environments, situations and with different equipment to master them with ease. Maybe you want to go deeper, to dive with NITROX enriched air, to be an expert in diving in sunken ships, to have the specialty of self-sufficient diver or many more. You just have to decide which one you want to do. It’s easy, fast, fun and above all exciting.

These are the most popular specialty courses that divers like you choose on their way to achieve the Master Scuba Diver level, which you will reach when you reach 5 different specialties:

Deep diving Specialty

Explore the wonders of the depths. Learn diving techniques in deeper action fields of 18 – 30 meters / 60 – 100 feet. After your first dives, you will soon want to explore a little deeper. There is something exciting and amazing in the depth that attracts divers. Know more …

260 €

Underwater navigation Specialty

Be the diver everyone wants to follow and make your sense of direction legendary with the PADI underwater navigation course. Learn the secrets of underwater navigation and save time looking for interesting places to dive. Know more …

240 €

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty

What is neutral buoyancy? Divers like to float in a neutral state so they do not sink or ascend. It can be a delicate thing. The divers who dominate the highest levels of buoyancy execution have a separate consideration. You have seen them under water. They glide effortlessly, use less air and ascend, descend or remain suspended motionless, almost with thought. They interact delicately with aquatic life and affect the environment minimally. The PADI Domain of Buoyancy course improves the basic techniques you learned as PADI Open Water Diver and elevates them to the next level. Know more …

230 €

Enriched air Diving Specialty  (NITROX)

(Full course)

The PADI Diving with Enriched Air course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world, and it is easy to see why. Nitrox enriched air diving gives you more diving time without decompression. It means more time under water, especially in successive dives. Know more …


Enriched air Diving Specialty  (NITROX) 

(Only theory)

Stay down longer and go back to the water sooner. Learn how to use Nitrox enriched air, PADI’s. This is the most popular specialty course in the world. If you do not have much time to finish your specialty course, you can only do the theory. Know more …

120 €

Wreck diving Specialty

Most people think of old boats when they hear about wreck diving. However, wreck diving includes diving in all types of submerged artifacts including airplanes, trains and automobiles. There are also thousands of submerged sailboats, houseboats, submarines, coaches and even army tanks. It means that wreck diving can be done almost anywhere there is water. Know more …

250 €

Dry Suit Specialty

Do you want to be warm in a dive? Then dive dry. Yes! Unlike a wet suit, a dry suit isolates you from the outside water and keeps you warm! Even in surprisingly cold water .. Stay warm and comfortable on your dives. Learn to dive with a dry suit. Know more …

230 €

Drift diving Specialty

The PADI diving specialty course introduces you to the magic carpet that will take you to a unique experience. This course shows you how to enjoy the currents of rivers and oceans “going with it”, staying with your partner, communicating with the dive boat and knowing where you are at all times. Know more …

220 €

Boat diving specialty

Whether you have never done a boat dive or registered dozens, the PADI specialty course from Boat Diving can benefit almost any diver because different boats in different parts of the world do different things. Know more …

210 €

Nigth diving Specialty

As the sun goes down, you put on your diving gear, put on your diving mask and bite your diving regulator. A deep breath and you get off the boat – into the underwater night. Although you have seen this reef before on many occasions, this time you fall into a whole new world and see life coming under the glow of your diving lantern. Know more …

260 € 

Selft Reliant Specialty

You know that to dive, you always have to do it with a partner, it’s more fun and safe, but what is needed for the whole? We will teach you to be a responsible and self-sufficient diver and we will learn to function if you do not have the help of your partner for any reason. Know more …


305 € 

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB)

Surface signaling buoys (SMBs) allow divers to set limits for mapping or search and retrieval, alert ship traffic, or provide a line as a visual reference for divers who are ascending.  Know more …

boya superficie Surface Buoy bouée de surface Estepona Spain

220 €