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Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) – PADI specialty



Surface marking buoy

Surface buoy specialty course

(All courses are PADI and include basic diving equipment, diving insurance and certification fee)

The Delayed surface marker buoy (DSMBs) allows divers to set limits for mapping or search and recovery, alert ship traffic, or provide a line as a visual reference for divers who are ascending. During two dives, you will learn the proper techniques and protocols for using surface signaling buoys and deployable surface signaling buoys (DSMBs) in the local area.

The fun part

The fun part of this course is everything. Learning to drop a buoy from the bottom or on the surface is something that will always help you

What will you learn?

boya superficie Surface Buoy bouée de surface Estepona Spain

In this course you will learn:

  • Planning – In which cases to start the dive with a surface buoy and in which it is better to launch it from the bottom.
  • Equipment – What type of buoys exist and which is best for each case.
  • Organisation – Who, when or what the used buoys are and at what time they will be launched.
  • Procedure – That you have to take into account to throw the buoy and advice during it stays on the surface.
  • Techniques – Different ways to carry and launch the buoys depending on the models you use.
  • Possible problems and dangers. that must be taken into account to avoid problems and how to solve them if they happen.

Key rules

  • Prerequisite for certification: Open Water Diver or equivalent certification
  • Minimum Age: 12
  • Minimum training in open waters : 2 dives


Your next adventure

boya superficie Surface Buoy bouée de surface Estepona Spain

The specialty course PADI  drift diving is a good complement for this course. In the currents you will always need buoys so that the ship can follow you.




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