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Refresh diving program – Updating techniques


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Reminder Program – Refresh

(All courses are PADI and include basic diving equipment, diving insurance and certification fee)

Dive reminder program

Have you been diving for some time?  Do you want to feel safe when you dive again? Do not worry. We have a refresh program specially designed for you and for all divers who have not dived for a while. it is a normal immersion, but in which you will have an instructor / DiveMaster waiting for you helping you in everything necessary and taking the necessary measures and answering all your questions. we will advise you on all your rusty techniques to lubricate them 100%, and when you enter the water it is like riding a bicycle, which is never forgotten.


The fun part

Now you know!! In diving everything is fun, this program is not going to be less. You will go back into the environment of a diving center, share with other divers your experiences previously lived and listen to the anecdotes of the other divers. You will enjoy once more the most, to go out by boat and of course, to dive.


The diving equipment you will use

All the equipment you will need is what is typically included in a diving program or baptism. You will use all basic diving equipment including a mask, tube and fins, a buoyancy compensator vest that will also support your diving bottle, a diving regulator to breathe through it and instrumentation to control the depth and supply of breathable air You will also wear a wet diving suit or a ballast system depending on where you do the dive reminder program

Ask us when you can do your refresh reminder program

The teaching materials you will need

  • Only your disposition and your complete attention.


Have a PADI OPEN WATER DIVER, SCUBA DIVER or equivalent certification

Your next adventure

Once you have finished the program, you may want to improve your technique with some other type of diving course.



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