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What to do in Estepona?

What to do in Estepona is a question that everyone can ask themselves. There are plenty of activities to do in Estepona, places to visit and a great gastronomic and nocturnal offer concentrated in the city. Estepona is known for its fishing tradition, although it currently divides the territory into traditional and modernized areas. Its streets of the old town, adorned with pots and colorful flowers surprise everyone who visits them walking through the tradition of the city. Archaeological remains, such as those located in the old market area, just below the famous Clock Square, show us its ancient history and its age. Going anywhere in this beautiful city, there are always things to do in Estepona. any nature, traditional, current or other cultures but all match quality.

What to eat in Estepona?

Fish is the specialty to eat in Estepona. Although the culinary offer of the city extends even further, fish is the star of any restaurant or traditional bar of the city. All the varieties of fish caught by the fishermen of Estepona, are of high quality but it is worth mentioning the quality of the octopus of Estepona , since it is exported to all of Spain and half the world and with it, a large amount of Galician octopus is cooked, which does not need presentation.

What activities can I do as a family?

Estepona is rich in its leisure. Being able to walk along its promenade where there are parks for maspequeños or chiringuitos where you can have a drink or enjoy doing the famous RUTA DE LOS MURALES de Estepona that convert the streets of the city into an open-air museum, you can also visit its museums or the famous Dolomites of Coromitas (The oldest of the Costa del Sol) or the famous Orquidiario Estepona (Orchidarium Estepona), but if there is something that is typical in Estepona, it is the sea. Activities where you can enjoy a pleasant boat trip for the whole family or the diving on the Estepona coast, or in Sotogrande, both for experienced divers or for those who just want to try, jet skis, rent a sailboat or another type of motor boat … Or activities buries firm, like motocross, driving karts, soccer, or an infinity of exciting things to do in Estepona, invite anyone to enjoy their time in our city.

Cultural agenda of Estepona?

Estepona is also rich in its musical, theatrical, sports or cinephile culture. The Philip VI Auditorium has a varied program of activities of all kinds. Some bars of the port offer concerts almost every weekend and the City Hall of Estepona has its own cultural image. If you still do not know what you can do in Estepona, call us, we can help you find an activity for you.

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