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PADI OWD “Upgrade” – From Scuba Diver to OPEN WATER DIVER OWD



PADI OWD “Upgrade”

(All courses are PADI and include the manual, the basic diving equipment, diving insurance and the certification fee)

The PADI OWD “Upgrade” course is the step from being a Scuba Diver diver to being an OPEN WATER DIVER diver. In this course you will perform the parts of the OWD course that you did not perform for your previous certification.

If you are Scuba Diver:

If you have your diver’s degree under the supervision of PADI SCUBA DIVER and you want to take another leap to autonomous diving. Be able to dive without direct supervision of a PADI instructor or divemaster. You will complete the theory sessions 4 and 5, the pool sessions 4 and 5 and the dives at sea 3 and 4.

Already certified as OWD:

This certification allows you to dive with a partner with your same degree or higher. You can also choose to do the specialty courses. But perhaps what interests you most is taking a leap to become an advanced diver 

Required equipment:

Only your desire, a towel and a swimsuit. The basic diving equipment is included in the course.



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